Video: Advancing Race Equity

NACC’s Counsel for Kids campaign has released a new video explaining nine ways providing attorneys for youth helps advance race equity. 

CIP Talk: Making Lived Experience Engagement Authentic

Learn more about making lived experience engagement authentic, intentional, and mutually Beneficial.

CIP Talk: Listen to Believe

Judge Aurora Martinez Jones shares guidance for child welfare judges and advocates on the importance to believe and listen to children.

After Safety: The Next Step to Success

In his CIP talk Judge William Thorne (Ret.) discusses how judges and lawyers can promote healing for families and children.

CIP Talk: Uprooted and Traumatized

Judge Ernestine Gray discusses how to avoid unnnecessary removals in the child welfare system.

CIP Talk: Compassion

Compassion is the the foundation for all reasonable efforts to reunify children with their parents.

CIP Talk: What Every Judge and Attorney Needs to Know about the Trauma of Removal

Listen to Monique Mitchell as she shares the trauma of family separation and removal in her CIP talk.

CIP Talk: Reduce the Need for Foster Care and Family Separation

Christopher Church, Staff Attorney, USC School of Law, discusses how to better reduce the need for family separation in the child welfare system.

CIP Talk: The Role Parent Attorneys Play in Child-Wellbeing

Jey Rajaraman, Chief Counsel, Family Representation Project, shares how parent attorneys can parent and child well-being through family time.

CIP Talk: Family Justice in Indian Country

Sheldon Spotted Elk, JD, Director of Indian Child Welfare at Casey Family Programs, discusses what the Indian Child Welfare Act.