Pre-Petition Legal Representation for Parents & Youth in Child Welfare

The Family Justice Initiative hosted a webinar on September 23, 2020 on pre-petition legal representation for parents and youth in the child welfare system. Presenters discussed pre-petition representation programs, including funding, getting started, relationship with the child welfare agency as a referral source, best practices and outcomes.  Presenters included: ·        Adam Ballout, Family Intervention Response to…

Family Justice Talks

Family Justice Talks (CIP Talks) are short video speeches by leading legal and child welfare experts highlighting how the legal community can work with partners to better serve vulnerable families and improve child welfare outcomes. The Family Justice Talks were produced by the Capacity Building Center for Courts in collaboration with the Children’s Bureau and…

Interdisciplinary Parent Representation: Bringing Hope to Families During the Pandemic and Beyond.

FJI Executive Team member Mimi Laver moderated a webinar focused on high-quality interdisciplinary legal representation for parents in child welfare proceedings. Speakers shared information and inspiration for those on the front lines of working with families. You can view the webinar here.

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